Welcome to the Ataxian Athlete Initiative

The AAI grant program is a competitive grant application process that provides funding for equipment enabling individuals to start or further pursue adaptive cycling. The AAI has EMPOWERED 79 individuals through adaptive cycling since 2009. See pictures here: curefa.org/aai.
As an introduction to the application process, please check out this video of the webcast we recorded with tips and instruction on how to submit the most competitive grant possible: http://youtu.be/jhZkxSXyhLM

If you are interested in applying, see the guidelines and instructions below and then start your application early so you can make it shine!

To begin the application process, click
To edit an application you have already created, click

Grants are awarded to applicants based on the following:

  • Diagnosis - Applicants must have been diagnosed with some form of Ataxia to qualify
  • Detailed research and knowledge of equipment requested
  • Applicant's perceived character, drive, and commitment to an active lifestyle
  • Financial Need
The online application will ask you for:
  • General Information: Name, Address etc.
  • Ataxia Diagnosis; FA, A-T, AOA, SCA, unknown etc.
  • Your story or Bio (3-5 paragraphs)
  • Your adaptive cycling experience level. We are interested in funding both avid adaptive cyclists and interested individuals who are new to the sport.
  • Detailed equipment request. Why/how you made your choice.
  • Itemized cost of request.
  • Financial Information: Monthly income and expenses for everyone in the household (parent, step-parent, spouse, domestic partner etc.)

As you enter your information, two save options are provided: The [Save Changes] button will allow you to login as needed to modify your application.
When you are sure all information is correct and the application is complete, the [Submit Application] option is used to lock the application and submit it for review. Applications may NOT be altered once submitted.
After submitting an application, a confirmation email is sent, reminding you to email us the following required information.
Please note that applications are not complete until these items have been emailed to AAISubmission@gmail.com:
  • 3 reference letters along with phone numbers
    - One letter must come from a physician verifying your ataxia diagnosis
    - Two letters from different people; a fellow athlete, peer, physical therapist, family member, teacher, coach etc.
  • Proof of income (tax return, SSDI statement, or W-2 form) - please black out SSN.
  • Any additional materials that represent you as an Ataxian Athlete. (optional)
These items should be scanned and sent in a single email by May 1, 2021. Please write your name as the subject.
We will not consider any incomplete applications, or applications submitted after 11:59pm on May 1, 2021.
If you have any questions, please email Kyle Bryant at kyle@rideataxia.org